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  • Naresh Sethi

Marketing, aggression and imperialism

Modern western systems are based on capitalism, self propagation, etc . Marketing, business techniques etc are used intensely to boost wealth. One is rewarded on basis of how good one is at increasing profits and hoarding wealth. There is a need for greater emphasis on spirituality, good karma, soul, goodness and kindness. The many religious scriptures focus on spirituality etc including the Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Koran…. But the ideals of Capitalism, political motives etc have twisted religious teachings by leaders so people follow them (to the exclusion of other people of different cultures or religions or countries) and have reason to back them (the leaders) for political gains. The education system emphasises and rewards a self preserving, capitalist, growth oriented, society dependent on aggressive marketing and political campaigns. In many western universities and institutions a “college of Arms” emblem is a logo linking war and aggression to education. Is this proof of aggression, expansion etc being taught at early stages in virtually every modern educational institution. No wonder wars and conflicts are abundant; poverty widespread…….

The Gurukuls and a few universities like Nalanda University were destroyed by the British and Moguls centuries ago.

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