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  • Naresh Sethi


This is in answer to a question - which is the headline of this blog:

White people are treated with love and respect because everyone is taught to think they are the best and superior - from misrecorded and misreported history and a white dominated media and their power - even now - they contol major organisations like IMF, WTO, World Bank, United Nations, etc. NATO is a white western club set up to control and patrol the earth in the name of self-defence and peace. Some western countries are not even full democracies - eg UK. Look how the economy of Zimbabwe was ruined when President Mugabe repossessed land that had been possessed by the British - the world Financial Institutions are controlled in London and New York. The West is economically powerful - the turover of some US corporations is larger than the GDP of some smaller developing countries.You will read how good and benevolent they were / are, how they developed and civilised the world. You will not hear much about how they eradicated a whole race of Native Indians in USA & Canada; and aborigines in Australia and New Zealand - estimate a 100 million people looted, robbed, murdered - ethnic cleansing on a GRAND scale. The British rich, titled and royal at the forefront in many cases [working class British were recruited to serve the purpose - as were Indians & Africans [Sepoys, indentdured/ enlisted people] . How King Leopold of Belgium massacred or enslaved about 10 million africans to loot rubber, etc from Congo. The slave trade and apartheid was not a long time ago. The English were nowehere as civilised as the people in India - cloth, spices, and many life standards and technologies were copied and relocated from India and the East. I could go on but you can understand now I think....

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